2013 - Orphanage was blessed and opened with the first 29 children.
2014 - Larger dormitory built to accommodate the needs of our local area.

2015 - The bigger space in the dormitory enabled us to receive 44 new kids in 2015 so now we have a total of 84 children at the center. 
2016 - The elementary school was completed and the new year began with 137 children.

2017 - We opened the secondary school with 62 teenagers in attendence by the end of the school year; enrollment in our elementary rose to 193 kids.

clothing & shoes

With your tax exempt donation, our children get clean clothing and shoes along with hygienic items and toiletries.


Nutritious food

With your gracious support, we are able to provide nutritious meals for the children of our orphanage. 

Fr. Mark Mlay

Our vision is to increase people’s capacity and ability to embrace gospel values like: justice, credibility and love and to apply them in every day situations so that they become a reflection of God on earth. We envision ourselves with the mission to bring every human person on earth to a personal encounter with Jesus the Lord.

Through our ministries of prayer, Eucharistic adoration and promoting the same, evangelization, teaching, healing and social services we bring the message of Good News to people. We envision our ministries as facilitating people’s encounter with Jesus so they can begin to tell a new story of the love of God!

A moment of an encounter with Jesus is a moment of invitation to be who we are created to be, a child of God. It is a moment of conversion as it was for Zacchaeus, Matthew, Mary Magdalene and others. This is our hope for ourselves and those we lead to encounter Christ!

We also envision ourselves to be humble servants of hope for the poor and make a deliberate option for them

The Mission of Adorer Missionary Sisters of the Poor is to adore Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament, to promote Eucharistic Adoration and to evangelize both in domestic and foreign missions, in the spirit of Jesus who came to bring the good news to the poor, set captives free and proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor. We do this by devotedly growing in intimacy with the Lord and embracing the Cross, living the Gospel, engaging in the ministries of the Church especially education at all levels, health and social services, catechizing and making a deliberate option to serve the poorest of the poor, the orphans and the marginalized.

Thank you my brothers and sisters for all that you do for these wonderful children in Tanzania. They are the next generation of our Catholic faith and will be carrying on Christ's word to others that they meet.


our History



Adorer Missionary

Sisters of the Poor

RELIGIOUS education 

With your support, our children prosper from an enriched education including regularly updated textbooks and religious workbooks.

The Adorer Missionary Sisters of the Poor is an emerging, vibrant religious community of women in Tanzania. Deeply in love with Jesus we seek to grow more intimately with Our Lord Jesus and Master. We behold the majesty of the Blessed Trinity and in thanksgiving spend quality time every day in adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament.

​We are also happy to say that in United States of America, with the approval of His Excellency, Most Rev. Gerald Barbarito, Bishop of Palm Beach Catholic Diocese, the Adorer Missionary Sisters of the Poor have been incorporated in the State of Florida as a religious charitable organization and has been granted a 501(c)(3) tax exempt status by the IRS.